Fearless Fund, 2019

Stop Motion Animation

Client: Fearless Fund https://www.fearlessfund.org/about

Design Challenge

Create a stop motion animation to be used for marketing purposes, as well as a wall visual for fundraising events.


While looking for inspiration for this project I landed on Wes Anderson’s film “The Life Aquatic” and his use of bright colors that created a calm yet engaging under water scene. As the purpose of the animation was mainly to be used as a wall visual, I wanted to make sure the animation was fun and not overly complicated in terms of a plot line. I used certain unexpected materials to subtly comment on the amount of plastic and small items that we use which end up in the ocean (clothespins for small fish, dental flossers for bright coral).

I created all materials by hand, and the animation is made up of roughly 240 photos.



Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival, 2018

Festival poster for the 2018 Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival

Client: Living Classrooms Foundation

Design Challenge

Create a poster that reflects the biodiversity on Kingman Island (in Washington, DC), as well as allow space for all of the musicians names to be legible.


I used inspiration from Henri Rousseau to create an inviting illustration featuring all plant life that is native to Kingman Island and the surrounded Washington DC area. This festival is sponsored by local non profit Living Classrooms whose mission is to “disrupt the cycle of poverty and make our community safer, stronger, and healthier by meeting individuals where they are and building skills for life. Living Classrooms inspires children, youth, and adults to achieve their potential through hands-on education, workforce development, health and wellness, and violence prevention programming”.

I also created collateral material to be used on various platforms. (Below poster Design)





Client: Mindful Brewing Co. https://mindfulbrewing.com/

Mindful Brewing Company is medium sized brewery and full scale restaurant located in Pittsburgh, PA. I was hired by Mindful to create some shots that could be used on their website and social media.